HTML 5 review

    HTML 5 review

    I have to say that my money used to be on XHTML 2.0 eventually winning the battle for the next great web standard. Either that, or the two titans would continue to battle it out for the forseable future, leading to an increasingly fragmented web.

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    Invite to co-operate announcement

    Invite to co-operate announcement

    VINADES.,JSC was founded in order to professionalize NukeViet opensource development and release. We also using NukeViet in our bussiness projects to make it continue developing. Include Advertisment, provide hosting services for NukeViet CMS development.

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    NukeViet's versioning schemes

    NukeViet using 2 versioning schemes: I. By numbers (technical purposes): Structure for numbers is: major.minor.revision 1.Major: Major update. Probably not backwards compatible with older version. 2.Minor: Minor change, may introduce new features, but backwards compatibility is mostly retained....


    Do you know about Nukeviet 3?

    A whole new sourcecode for the web.

    Open source, free to use.

    Use of xHTML, CSS and Ajax support

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